The thought of a chef salting his steak in the most chic manner must have sprung to mind only from the term Salt Bae. Thousands of netizens were inspired to imitate Salt Bae after learning about his technique for adding spices to their meals in a unique way. The internet quickly caught on fire to the fad. Numerous other social media stars have been spotted acting like him in ways that undoubtedly made people chuckle. It unquestionably got popular on social media.

Salt Bae

The 39-year-old Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gokçe, is the owner of a network of opulent eateries throughout the globe, including Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and London’s exclusive Knightsbridge. His method of flavouring and cooking meat has gone viral online. This Turkish chef’s restaurant business is likewise booming, with several locations throughout the world and arbitrary, exorbitant prices for cuisine that are perhaps a byproduct of the notoriety he has attained.

He recently came under fire from both internet users and other people for hounding Messi immediately following Argentina’s victory against France. Immediately following the final match of the World Cup final, he approached the Argentine players. He was the target of the controversy since he caught players off guard while they were looking out for celebrating their victory with their loved ones. Gokce was observed pursuing athletes and pestering them for photos and videos.

After the controversy, Gokçe on Thursday was banned from attending a US sporting event, as per US Sun. He was banned from The US Open Cup, a knockout competition featuring teams from the MLS as well as other domestic tournaments. Taking to Twitter, The US Open Cup wrote, “Salt Bae is hereby banned from the 2023 US Open Cup final.” After his unique way of adding salt on steaks, his Instagram following shoot up really quickly. Some of his Instagram followers include David Beckham and Leonardo Di Caprio. 

After hounding players after the finale of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Gokce flooded his Instagram with posts. One of the pictures which quickly got picked up by netizens was where Messi was seen visibly irritated by him as he almost forces him to take a picture with the chef. The Turkish entrepreneur was widely criticised for twice grabbing Messi’s arm. Messi was seen uncomfortable and tried to sidestep the unwanted attention.

Another was with uncomfortable-looking Angel di Maria sharing the World Cup trophy with him. Another video which turned heads was of Christian Romero’s where he is looking on helplessly as Gokce snatched the trophy from his son.

Clearly Gokce’s presence there was uninvited and unappreciated as well. He was even seen sinking his teeth into another player’s medal. Earlier in the World Cup, he posted a video of himself at a match sitting alongside FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

The FIFA World Cup trophy has some rules and regulations attached to who can touch or hold it and who cannot. According to FIFA, the original World Cup Trophy which is one of the most recognised sports symbols in the world and a priceless icon, can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the FIFA World Cup and heads of state.

Action on chef after controversy

“Following a review, FIFA has been establishing how individuals gained undue access to the pitch after the closing ceremony at Lusail stadium on December 18,” a spokesman told BBC. “The appropriate internal action will be taken,” he added. 

In 2014, singer Rihanna also famously courted controversy for touching the World Cup after Germany’s win over Argentina in extra-time. She also posed for a selfie and revealed she had kissed the trophy.

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