LeBron James appeared to get in on the World Cup action very late in the game.

The world was locked in on France/Argentina Sunday morning, and the game coverage absolutely dominated social media for hours before the game started through the insane ending on penalty kicks.

Argentina beat France to win the World Cup. LeBron James tweeted very late about the game. (Photo by David Ramos – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

When did the four-time NBA champion weigh in? Not until the 65th minute of the matchup when Argentina was leading 2-0.

Not only did he join the party late, but he did it by tweeting a promo video for a game that was already well underway.

LeBron tweets super late about the World Cup. (Credit: Twitter/LeBron James)

As you’d expect, people were very confused why LeBron essentially sent a pregame hype tweet with Argentina already up 2-0.

Twitter users roast LeBron James over World Cup tweet. (Credit: Twitter)
Twitter users drag LeBron James over World Cup tweet. He tweeted long after the game started. (Credit: Twitter)
Twitter mocks LeBron over World Cup tweet. (Credit: Twitter)

LeBron James has a long history of embarrassing moments.

Was LeBron watching the World Cup at the same time as the rest of the globe? Who knows, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he did a little fibbing.

The Lakers forward has a long history of making claims that don’t add up. Recently, he claimed he was familiar with Migos’ music about a year before the group dropped a mixtape.

However, nothing beats when he claimed he knew ahead of time Kobe Bryant was going to hang 81 on the Raptors.

It definitely never gets old watching the internet roast LeBron James. It should be interesting to see what he does next that gets ruthlessly dragged.

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