Deepika Padukone has finally reacted to the ton of praise by husband Ranveer Singh after she unveiled the FIFA World Cup trophy ahead of the final match between Argentina and France in Qatar on Sunday. She had joined Ranveer among the audience as they went on to watch the final together post the trophy-unveiling ceremony. Ranveer had called Deepika ‘meri trophy’ in his praise of the actor. Also read: Deepika Padukone’s ‘atrocious’ outfit at FIFA World Cup final confuses fans: ‘Why is she in a bag?’

Taking to her Instagram Stories Monday night, Deepika reacted to the picture shared by Ranveer Singh with the caption, “Asli trophy toh mere haath mein hai (the real trophy is with me). So glad and grateful that we witnessed this together.” She wrote, “A couple that watches a FIFA World Cup Final together, stays together… #hamandcheesealert.”

Deepika also called Ranveer “My Rock” on her Instagram Stories as she shared his post that featured a picture of the TV screen which showed Deepika unveiling the trophy. “Bursting with pride. That’s my baby,” the actor had written. She also shared a heart for his post in which he asked his fans to check her out as she sparkled on ‘world’s biggest stage’.

Deepika Padukone has reacted to Ranveer Singh’s posts about her.

Deepika unveiled the trophy along with former Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas in front of the packed audience at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. She wore a Louis Vuitton outfit while presenting the trophy that arrived in a titanium-covered, special-order trunk, designed and handmade by expert artisans in the Maison’s atelier in Asnieres, France.

She later shared a video from the day and said she is grateful to have unveiled the trophy for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which culminated with a thrilling final that saw Argentina clinch the title. “From unveiling the FIFA World Cup Trophy to witnessing one of the greatest games in sporting history, I truly couldn’t have asked for more… #grateful #fifaworldcup2022,” she wrote on Instagram.

In another video, the actor was seen gearing up for the ceremony and talking about her dress. She said it was very comfortable. Meanwhile, many showed their disappointment over the outfit as they compared it to a bag.

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